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Еmpowering Young Learners Days

За кого: За всички английски език в Primary Years (5-12г.) ;

Empowering Young Learners Day е поредица от три онлайн семинара, която ще се проведе в рамките на два часа с изявени специалист в областта на преподаването на деца. Темите са:


Creativity is the ability to use imagination, to wonder and to be curious about the world around us, and to solve problems. In this session, we’ll explore what creativity is, and how to promote creative thinking skills in meaningful, student-initiated task design to pique our students’ curiosity. We break down the process of creative task design and coursebook adaptation to help you plan.

In this practical session we are going to investigate a number of ready-to-use classroom activities that are based on visually, digitally and culturally relevant real-life materials which engage young learners in authentic communication and enhance their understanding not only of the English language itself but also of the contemporary world that surrounds them. 


Before communicative confidence always comes the emotions beneath that hold it up. To enable children to communicate in English with more confidence, this session will discuss ideas for teachers to support the development of socio-emotional skills to encourage learners to build a more empathetic world.

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